We offer a variety of services at Parallel 42 Systems tailored specifically to your business. Our highly skilled team of professionals will work with you to understand your business's needs and challenges for optimal performance.

Software Solutions and Development

We are software specialists who can research, deploy, and customize software for your business. We will evaluate your needs, identify potential off-the-shelf software solutions and provide feedback on your software vendor's technical capabilities.

If your needs can't be met fully or in part by software available on the market we can help you by extending existing software to meet your needs, creating custom software to automate your business processes, or helping you hire and train the resources you need to manage your own professional software development practice in-house.

Technical Recruiting & Process Review

Parallel 42 consultants have years of experience identifying, training and mentoring top technical talent. We can help your business find the right people and review your technical processes to find opportunities for process improvements that will increase the value of the intellectual property they develop. We take a flexible approach to these engagements. We can build and deliver a work plan that is right for your situation. 

Data Architecture & Bi

Good business intelligence requires reliable and accurate data, often from multiple systems and databases on premises and in the cloud. We can build you a new business intelligence system or enhance the one you have, relying on our experience with database and data warehouse design, data integration, and custom reporting. 


Our training services range from end-user training on line-of-business software to highly technical knowledge transfer for developers and system administrators. We can craft documentation specific to client processes and software, deliver training on-site or remote, and provide ongoing support. We can adapt our process to your scale and budget - we have provided training services to small businesses with a handful of users, and some of the largest organizations in Canada.

Business Consulting and Strategic Planning

Led by Dr. Jessica Sartori, a former public sector CEO, our Governance and Organizational Consulting program of service includes strategic planning, governance and by-law consultation, policy development, program evaluation, and performance measurement and management in the public, non-profit, and charity sectors. Our philosophy is that good governance, clear organizational objectives, and evidence-based decision-making through research and reliable data, are key to operational success.