Parallel 42 Systems is a partnership of software practitioners in Windsor, Ontario. Incorporated in 2013, Parallel 42 provides consulting and software development services to companies large and small.

We serve a wide variety of clients across industries including financial institutions, medical practitioners, non-profits and charities, manufacturers, and logistics operations.

Parallel 42 Systems is part of the Autodesk Developer Network and a member of Automate Canada, the national association for technology companies in manufacturing.

Lauren Hedges

Consultant / Project Manager

@LaurenHedgesPhotography on Instagram

Doug Sartori

Data Architect / Consultant / Boss

@Doug_Sartori on Twitter

Randy Topliffe

Rino Bortolin

Consultant / Project Manager

@WindsorRino on Twitter

Sharad Chand Ravinuthala

Sucharitha Koleti

Ben Sartori